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(current to 01/27/16)

Patrons ($500 or greater)

David B. Alden
Jeanette Grasselli Brown
Jurinnov, LTD
Beth E. Mooney
Alan E. Lichtin, M.D.
Lorraine S. Szabo
Deborah Wilcox

Benefactors ($250–$499)

Joanmarie C. Button
Katharine K. Carr
Laura J. Gorretta
Patricia L. Harris
Janice C. Herrmann
Nana W. Landgraf
Kathleen R. Luikart
Joan Katz Napoli
Joanne E. Ordy
Margaret B. Robinson
Sally J. Staley

Key Contributors ($100–$249)

Melissa Carney
Judith Cetina
Shirley Hamann Copeland
Edward Crum
Betty Dieckmann Dechert
Timothy Regis Diamond
Priscilla S. Diem
Aaron Feldman, MD
Howard David Fencl
Larry Goodman
Phyllis A. Henry
Harry Lever
Agnes A. Lina
Lindsay Maxwell
E. Suzanne Owens, Ph.D.

Leroy B. Parks
Harlan R. Peterjohn
Kathleen Pettingill
Margaret B. Robinson
David M. Rosenberg, M.D., M.P.H.
Robert Salata
M. Herbert Shapiro, Ph.D.
Meredith C. Shoop
Maria Honore Steiner
Rick Taft
Emrie Thoresen
Miriam L. Vishny, M.D.
Kathleen Marie Wendling
Karen Zoller


David G. Anderson Jr.
James Alan Barbarich
Michael Barson
James & Nancy R. Bekeny, M.D.
Robert Todd Bruce
Robert M. Brucken
Lidia V. Carr
Norman Clemens
Barbara Clemenson
Carl Edward Cormany
Marialice S. Cruse
Lorella A. Fini
Ms. Eloise W. Fiebig
Ann G. Freimuth
Marcia Goldberg

John Grabowski
Peter Greco
Leo W. Jeffres
Cynthia Ann Kavouksorian
Enid Kushner
Aaron M. Lever
Herbert B. Levine
Keith Randall McCrae
Donalene Sapp Poduska
Maryjean I. Pawlowski
Prof. Alan Miles Ruben
Marcia Snavely Polyak
Richard E. Ranchoff, M.D.
Susan Salzbrenner
Samuel M. Savin

Ruth Schochet
Marian S. Sells
E Roger Stewart
Gina Radio Svat
Susan Swisher
William W. Taft
Antoinette M. Tartaglia
Pamela H. Taubert
Arthur Varnes
Margo Vinney
Dr. Robert L. Wallis
Nancy Witherspoon Welchans
Grace Wen
Dr. Nancy G. Wolf
Kathryn Anne Zetts


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Federal policies often shape state higher education discussions. Click the link below for several sample emails that you can copy and paste to send to your Members of Congress, along with tips to boost your message's impact.



Missing from History: Black Suffragists and the Right to Vote

The Cleveland Association of ΦBK Endowed Forum

Join us as Paula J. Giddings, the Elizabeth A. Woodson 1922 Professor Emerita of Africana Studies at Smith College, discusses the 19th Amendment: the political tradition of African American women, their struggle to be enfranchised, and how their activism led to the influence that Black women have on today’s electorate.

  • DATE: April 16, 2021
  • PLACE: City Club of Cleveland Virtual Forum
  • TIME: Livestream beginning at 12:30 p.m.


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